Targeting Baby Boom start-ups

My company Greveo is turning one this month and I thought I would write up a post about how I have been able to find success in a economic recession.

Since the recession, I have been working double shifts to get my own start-up, Greveo, off the ground.

Meanwhile, at my full-time job, in the news industry, I have been very fortunate to have survived a few rounds of layoffs. It certainly is a scary place to be in life when you are not sure if your job is secure. When your back is against the wall it is always good advise to be ready with a stable plan “B.”

I know I was not the only one going through these types of personal fall outs from the recession. To me, some of the people who were hit the hardest were baby boomers. Many people I admire talked to me about how their portfolios took a major hit. While I am able to take risky investments in high interests stock and and bonds, their stable investments in the banking industry depleted the security they once had in their retirement investments.

I started seeing small trends, starting with the people closest to me, who were looking for solutions to be able to save their retirement and still be able to grow as individuals.

It is then that I noticed the wave of Baby Boomers who took buyouts, retired early and started their own dream job. Some have done it to provide extra income, some have done it because it is what they have always wanted to do. The fact is, they are out there and looking for people to help them bridge the gap between their offline business and the online world of social and digital media.

I see the need for new start-up companies like my company, Greveo, to help fill the need for Baby Boomers in need of a digital transition. Granted, there are many baby boomers who do not need this support, but I would bet there are enough out there looking for this kind of support to support hundreds of Greveos.

In the past year, my company Greveo has helped baby boomers make a transition to online media while helping them launch their small business.

Take for example, Tara Waters Lumpkin, a non-profit consultant who decided to create her own non-profit that lets her study the evolutionary behavior traits that humans and animals both share. She created a non-profit called Izilwane (which means “animals” in Zulu). She came to me looking for a way to bridge her offline non-profit organization with an online audience. I helped her develop a Facebook strategy and helped her to develop her website. She worked with me at each stage of the process making sure the site was exactly what she wanted. Today, she is able to manage all her digital assets, she is able to maintain a strong web presence on her own and move forward with a solid social media strategy.

This is the kind of support I am finding baby boomers are looking for the most

Other clients I’ve had needed the online support just so they can keep up with the demand from their new businesses. They choose to hire a specialist who can take care of their web presence, update their sites and help them develop a thriving online advertising campaign while they focus on delivering products or services to their clients.

To me, this is very exciting because I get to have the opportunity to work with people who have spent their careers in the field working in the top tier of their industry. Today, they are thinking less about their loyalty to a corporation that may cut their benefits or retirement, and they are investing more in a company that they can call their own. There is a lot you can learn from these individuals and it is a great opportunity to help launch some creative small business start-ups.

It certainly is not the target audience I thought I would be targeting for digital and social media consulting, but it has made the last year one of the most exciting years of my career.

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