SDS Fitness

SDS Fitness is the brainchild of Serge Sejour, former cornerback for the Washington Redskins, and small business owner from Silver Spring, MD. For this site, he wanted help launching a web site for his personal training business venture.

I built this site using Joomla CMS on an Apache Server. I helped to redesign his logo, design and develop his website, and worked with him to develop his marketing campaign. The slideshow on the front page consisted of four slides which read:

I hate early mornings.
I hate finding the motivation to keep going. (Pictured above)
I hate trying to make time to work out.
But I love the way this looks.

The last image consisted of his students showing off the muscle and weight loss they earned in Serge’s bootcamp.

The love\hate campaign was effective for his clients as SDS Fitness rose to being one of the top premier personal training businesses in Silver Spring.

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