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Jeff Pulver announced a new non-profit business venture,, at the DC Week conference at National Geographic’s Grovesnor Auditorium in Washington DC.
This venture coincided with his State of Now speech describing the impact one individual can have when using social media. is a Tweet donation system that allows users to donate a message in their Twitter feed.
“As a user you can donate a tweet to a cause. one a day week month– your chose” Pulver said.  “Its one thing to retweet a cause it’s another to give a tweet to the cause.”
Pulver said the site will help charities and non-profit extend their reach beyond their circle of users.
“My goal is that someones voice can be heard, he said. “Sometimes it’s not about the money it’s the voice that matters.”
His website says users will be able to choose non-profits that match their values and set up an auto mated system to allow the charity to use their feed to make a difference.
“One of the biggest joys I have is meeting people who in their own way is effecting change,” he said.  “We are living in a point of time where everyones voice matters”
It was the rise of the individual voice that helped the rise of current web, he said.
In social media we see one person with the power to amplify another’s voice and be a real catalyst for change.
“Sometimes the biggest gift you can give anyone is to believe in them,” he said.
Then of course, there is donating a tweet.


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