Creating better news start-ups


This morning my twitter feed was full of journalists reporting on yet another newspaper deciding to take a chance on getting a paywall to work for them after years of giving the content away for free.

@stevebuttry Newspapers pursuing paywalls: Chapter Whatever.

The brave dinosaurs are running one by one to the comet to see if it will help them survive.

Their online business model is not changing, even though time after time news organizations have tried to put up a paywall and have failed.

Nicole Bogas aid this week in a post this week, that the news industry has still not yet adjusted to an over-saturation information market. In fact, they hardly even recognize that it is the catalyst behind it all.

@nicolebogdas Media misperception: Biggest change is from analog to digital.

We can keep betting on the paywall, a system that has been proven not to be the savior some have hoped for, or we can start working together to come up with solutions that move online news into a different future.

I am starting a hashtag on Twitter, #news20, for forward thinking journalists, business experts, web developers and everyone in between to discuss how we can start to build better news start-ups.

It is my firm belief that it will be incredibly difficult for mainstream media to make the cultural and business changes they need to create a thriving online business. I think that real innovation will come from small start-ups.

Start-ups will be able to create new news platforms, applications and strategies that are too risky for established media.

The journalism industry has yet to find their own digital creative like Sergey Brin, Larry Page or Evan Williams that can help create a platform that moves us all forward.

It’s time to forget about paywalls. It is time to be more creative. Let’s talk about new ideas rather than suggest the same ones as if they are our only options. It’s time to start news companies who are native to the web not just adaptation of offline models.

It’s time to start talking about news that does not need a paper or broadcast station to exist. It’s time to start thinking about news post-Gutenberg. #News20.


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